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By The People: Elections for the many, not the money
Jobs & The Economy
Jobs and the Economy

Congressman Sarbanes knows that many Americans are still struggling to make ends meet in these difficult times. Fostering a healthy economic recovery and enacting the policies that will ensure equality and opportunity for all is a his top priority. Specifically, the Congressman believes long-term economic security will come from advancing strategies that invest in our infrastructure, reinvigorate our manufacturing sector, and increase our exports to world markets.

Investing in today to secure a better tomorrow

The best way to improve our nation’s fiscal health is to ensure our economy is healthy and prepared to compete in the 21st century. Toward that goal, Congressman Sarbanes is committed to targeted investments in our nation’s infrastructure – physical, environmental, civic, and technological

Critical physical infrastructure

We must put millions of Americans back to work rebuilding our nation’s roads and bridges, public transportation, and water and sewer systems, which are in desperate need of repair. By making these necessary investments now, we can spur our economy forward and prevent the additional problems that will arise if we allow for further deterioration of our physical infrastructure.

Environmental infrastructure

We must also invest in our energy infrastructure to relieve congestion on our electrical grid and create new capacity to generate energy from renewable resources. The potential for economic growth and energy savings is vast if we establish a framework for more Americans to invest in energy efficient and renewable energy technologies. Doing so will create thousands of new jobs in an emerging, growth industry; save billions of dollars in energy costs for consumers; and make significant progress in our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Human capital

By investing in education, health care and job training, we promote our greatest asset – the entrepreneurial American worker.  Higher education should be an affordable and attainable goal for our children, which is why Congressman Sarbanes has worked hard to direct federal funding toward loans and grants. We also need workforce training that gives Americans the skills they need for real jobs that exist in our changing economy.

Technology and innovation

Technological progress holds the greatest promise for a revitalized American manufacturing economy. Maryland is home to a world-class array of government- and university-sponsored research facilities, yet we do not effectively leverage this tremendous asset to the benefit of Maryland’s economy.   By linking scientists and researchers with entrepreneurs and investors, Maryland can be a national leader in the commercialization of research and the transfer of technology out of federal and university labs and into local businesses.

Reinvigorating the American Dream

Our nation’s economic and budget priorities are entirely about choices. By examining the priorities we set, we can draw conclusions about the values we believe to be most important. At every stage of that process, Congressman Sarbanes focus will be on creating jobs and ensuring equality and fairness for all Americans.  By taking action now on these fronts, we can literally build stronger communities and a more secure America.
John Sarbanes
John Sarbanes
John Sarbanes
John Sarbanes
John Sarbanes