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Reinvigorating the American Dream

Congressman Sarbanes believes a strong economy means all Americans have the opportunity to succeed and make a better life for themselves and for their families. He supports policies that foster job creation, improve pay and benefits, build stronger communities and secure America’s role as a global economic leader.

  • Building an Economy that Works for Main Street, Not Just Wall Street: For too long the wealthy and well-connected have dictated our nation’s economic policy. This top-down approach has failed. We need to work toward a more inclusive economy, building onramps to the middle class and improving economic opportunity for all Americans, not just the wealthy among us.
  • Critical Physical Infrastructure: Congressman Sarbanes believes that we must put millions of Americans back to work rebuilding our nation’s roads and bridges, public transportation and water and sewer systems, which are in desperate need of repair. By making these necessary investments now, we can spur our economy forward and bolster our nation’s critical infrastructure.
  • Energy and Environmental Infrastructure: Congressman Sarbanes is also committed to investing in our energy infrastructure to relieve the congestion on our electrical grid and to create new energy generation capacity from renewable sources. Clean, renewable energy will help grow our economy, creating new jobs, saving billions of dollars in energy costs and reducing the detrimental impact of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Human Capital: By investing in education, health care and job training, we can strengthen our greatest asset – the entrepreneurial American worker. Higher education should be an affordable and attainable goal for our children, which is why Congressman Sarbanes has worked to direct more federal funding toward loans and grants. The Congressman is also committed to improving workforce training to provide Americans with the skills they need for the jobs of today and tomorrow. He is authoring legislation to boost apprenticeship programs nationwide.
  • Technology and Innovation: Technological progress holds the greatest promise for a revitalized American manufacturing economy. Maryland is home to a world-class array of government- and university-sponsored research facilities. However, work remains to better leverage these tremendous assets to benefit our local economy in Maryland. By linking scientists and researchers with entrepreneurs and investors, Maryland can be a national leader in the commercialization of research and the transfer of technology out of federal and university labs and into local businesses.
  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform: My grandparents undertook an ocean voyage from Greece to begin a new life as restaurant laborers here in Maryland, and committed themselves to strengthening the democratic fabric of this country. I see that same commitment in the families of our immigrant communities all throughout America, and will continue to fight to ensure that the United States remains a beacon of hope. That’s why I am a strong supporter of an immigration policy that takes into account national security and economic interests, as well as the need to provide a fair legal framework for those seeking to come to our nation from other countries. By working together, we can formulate a new immigration policy that improves security, bolsters our economy and preserves the values and principles that we as Americans hold dear.

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