A Historic Week for Justice, Equality and Inclusive Democracy

March 4, 2021

Dear Friend,

This week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed two historic and transformational pieces of legislation to uproot the entrenched systems of power, privilege and undue influence that have – for far too long – kept hardworking Americans locked out and left behind.

The House passed H.R. 1, the For the People Act, a once-in-a-generation reform effort to protect and expand the right to vote, clean up corruption in Washington and restore trust, transparency and integrity in government.

Marylanders and Americans of all political stripes are demanding real change and accountability from their elected officials. People are deeply frustrated by the state of our political system – where voter suppression, extreme partisan gerrymandering and big, dark, special-interest money drown out the voices of ordinary Americans. That’s why we must deliver on the promise of H.R. 1, which will end decades of dysfunction in Washington, return power back to the people and build a more just, equitable and prosperous democracy that lifts up and respects the voice of every single American.

The House also passed the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, a bill to forcefully confront police brutality and misconduct, curb racial profiling, hold officers accountable and improve transparency standards for federal, state and local law enforcement agencies around the country.

This sweeping overhaul of policing will help set a new tone and culture for American law enforcement. We cannot allow the promise of America to continue to be betrayed by police officers who do not value Black lives and by prosecutors who turn a blind eye to systemic racism and racial bias. The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act will help end this corruption of justice.

Taken together, H.R. 1 and the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act represent monumental steps forward in our decades-long fight for justice and equality.

The Senate must act swiftly to advance these critical reform efforts and return to a government of, by and for the people.


Congressman John Sarbanes
Maryland’s Third Congressional District