Sarbanes Announces Maryland Appropriations in Omnibus Legislation

March 16, 2009

Congressman Sarbanes has released the following projects, which he requested as part of the Omnibus budget package passed by Congress this month. The projects are listed alphabetically below and include the name of the recipient followed by the name of the project and the amount of the award.
Anne Arundel Medical Center - Emergency Pediatric and Inpatient Pediatric Unit, $190,000

Army Corp of Engineers - Chesapeake Bay Environmental Restoration and Protection Program, provides assistance to State and local authorities in the environmental restoration of the Chesapeake Bay, $1,148,000

Army Corp of Engineers - Chesapeake Bay Oyster Recovery Program, supports oyster restoration which is critical to economic and environmental health of the Bay, $2,000,000

City of Baltimore - Baltimore Juvenile Screening and Diversion Program, establish a pilot juvenile intervention and diversion project, $200,000

City of Baltimore - YouthWorks Program, Baltimore City's summer jobs program, $1,189,000

City of Baltimore/Army Corp of Engineers - Gwynns Falls Restoration, assist the City of Baltimore with severe environmental condition in Gwynns Falls, $478,000

EPA Chesapeake Bay Program - Small Watershed Grants, provides grants to community based organizations working to improve the condition of their local watershed while building citizen-based resource stewardship, $2,000,000

Harry Hughes Center for Agro-Ecology - Agroecology/Chesapeake Bay Agro-ecology, research the development of biofuels, viable farming, water supplies, crop diversification, and improving efficiency, $499,000

Howard County Community College - Mid-Maryland Allied Health Education Center, funding to expand the development of the center $190,000

Maryland Community Health Integrated Partnership -  Community Health Integrated Partnership, provide health centers with an important technology tool to more effectively manage the multiple health care needs of their chronically ill populations $951,000

Maryland Department of Transportation/Army Corp of  Engineers -  Baltimore Water Metro Resources, Patapsco Urban River Restoration - fund a study to address river contamination, restore wetlands, and provide more beneficial use projects for dredged material from the Port,  $29,000

Maryland Department of Transportation/Army Corp of  Engineers - Chesapeake Bay Marshlands (Blackwater) wetland restoration and dredged material placement, $48,000

Maryland Department of Transportation/Army Corp of  Engineers - Eastern Shore Mid-Chesapeake Bay Island, pre-construction engineering and design for wetland restoration and dredged material project, $167,000

Maryland Department of Transportation/ Army Corp of  Engineers - Poplar Island Dredge, to meet the dredged material placement needs of the Port and maximize use of dredged material through wetland and habitat restoration, $9,412,000

Maryland Department of Transportation/Army Corp of  Engineers - Baltimore Harbor Dredge, to provide for maintenance dredging of the Baltimore Harbor Channels serving the Port of Baltimore, $16,193,000

Maryland Department of Transportation -  Central Maryland Transit Facility, $475,000

Maryland Department of Transportation -  Buses and Bus Facilities, Statewide, $1,900,000

Maryland Department of Transportation - MARC, Capital Investment Grants, $13,000,000

Maryland Department of Transportation - Anne Arundel County BRAC Improvements, $3,063,750

Morgan State University - Estuarine Research Center Oyster Hatchery Economic Pilot Program, developing market based solutions to an environmental crisis in the Oyster Industry, $500,000

National Park Service - Chesapeake Bay Gateways, funds partnerships to promote the resources and values of the Chesapeake and its rivers and engage in their stewardship, $1,000,000

NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office - NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office, Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab Research $550,000

NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office - NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office, for a network of environmental observation platforms, $500,000

Patuxent Research Refuge - Patuxent Research Refuge, major infrastructure renovations $3,000,000

States of Maryland and Virginia - States of Maryland and Virginia, to restore Oyster habitat and plant disease free oysters in scientifically selected sites throughout the Chesapeake Bay $4,600,000

Towson University, University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, and Coppin State University – Baltimore Excellence in Science Teaching, to increase the number and quality of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics teachers in the region's public schools, $1, 000,000

University of Maryland, Baltimore County/University of Maryland, College Park -  National Institute of Standards and Technology, Scientific and Technical Research and Services, for ultrafast dynamics for next generation nanotechnology research and development, $2,000,000

University of Maryland, Baltimore – UMB Biopark, to support the continued growth of the BioPark and to create a workforce training center, $427,500

University of Maryland, College Park - Public Service Fellowship Program, $951,000

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service - Chesapeake Bay Activities, assistance to farmers to plan and apply conservation practices to improve water quality, restore wetlands, and enhance wildlife habitat, $3,998,000