Annapolis Motorcade, Rally Part of ‘John Lewis Voting Rights Act’ Day to Promote Voting Rights

May 8, 2021
In The News

Down the street from a West Street wall freshly adorned in the image of late civil rights figure John Lewis, 70 people gathered in Annapolis Saturday to honor his legacy by promoting Democratic legislation in his name that would protect voting rights heading into the 2022 midterm congressional elections. The Annapolis rally and motorcade was one of 150 cities participating in a “John Lewis Voting Rights Act action event” to push Congress to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. It would reinstate a requirement that state legislatures get approval from the Department of Justice to change election laws that limit voting rights. Participants also promoted “For the People Act,” an electoral reform bill intended to strengthen voting rights and access, enhance campaign finance reform and address government ethics to root out corruption in politics. The lead sponsor is U.S. Rep. John Sarbanes, who represents Annapolis as part of Maryland’s 3rd District.

Rep. Sarbanes at John Lewis Voting Rights Act Day of Action on Sat May 8.jpg

Sarbanes told the crowd Saturday that Lewis wrote 300 pages of the 791-page act. The bill is viewed by Democrats as a civil rights bill because it would increase civilian participation in voting and running for office. The act is a collection of reform bills introduced in previous congressional sessions, now stitched into a single package.... “We’re never going to give in to voter suppression in this country and we’re never going to give up on American democracy,” Sarbanes said.