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Congressman John Sarbanes

Representing the 3rd District of Maryland

Democrats Urge FEC to Reconsider Rules for Foreign Election Advertising

Sep 20, 2017
In The News

"What are the standards that can prevent this from happening in the future?" Rep. John Sarbanes, D-Maryland, who wrote the letter along with Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-New Mexico…. It's illegal for foreign individuals, companies or governments to directly or indirectly spend funds in U.S. elections, but the letter's signatories think more protections are needed in the age of social media. The letter calls foreign political activity, "a direct assault on federal election law and the integrity of our elections." … Sarbanes said the rapidly-approaching 2018 midterm elections bring added urgency to the problem…. "We need to do this and we need to do it quickly, because even though we feel like we just came out of an election, there's another one bearing down on us," Sarbanes said. Sarbanes said Republicans were approached about signing the letter, and some expressed interest, but that interest didn't materialize into signatures…. "But I think the message went out from leadership on the Republican side, because the word Russia is in the mix here some place that they should stay away from it.”