Congressman John Sarbanes

Representing the 3rd District of Maryland

House Democrats Focus on Ethics, Political Money

July 19, 2017
In The News

Amid the collapse of a signature piece of GOP health legislation and continued revelations about the Trump team’s ties to Russia, House Democrats have turned their spotlight on proposals to revamp ethics, campaign finance and voting rights laws…. “We’re fighting back against the lack of accountability that we see in the Trump administration and from special interests,” said Rep. John Sarbanes, the Maryland Democrat who chairs his party’s Democracy Reform Task Force…. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California and Sarbanes told reporters during a Tuesday news conference that their party was developing a series of legislative proposals they dubbed the "By the People Project" that would include updates to the nation’s ethics and elections systems…. Some of the measures, such as one (HR 20) to encourage small-dollar campaign donations and another (HR 1134) to require additional public disclosures of political spending, have already been introduced.