An Inclusive Democracy Demands D.C. Statehood

February 24, 2020
In The News

One of the most glaring examples of disenfranchisement can be found in our nation’s capital, the District of Columbia, where residents have been denied voting rights and full self-government for 219 years…. In 2019, the fight for D.C. statehood continued as House Democrats moved swiftly to pass H.R. 1, the For the People Act – a comprehensive anti-corruption and clean elections bill that would protect the right to vote, strengthen ethics laws, and reduce the corrosive influence of big money in politics. Importantly, H.R. 1 declared that District residents deserved the full citizenship rights that only statehood could provide. The bill’s passage in the House marked the first time in history that a chamber of Congress had endorsed D.C. statehood….  The founding ideals of this nation demand D.C. statehood. The proud American declaration that our government is of, by and for the people must no longer be marred by an asterisk. All must be included. Last week, with committee passage of the D.C. statehood bill, Congress will take a major step forward in achieving that goal.