Labor Secretary Walsh Visits Baltimore to Discuss Investments in Workforce Training

May 18, 2021
In The News

Helping Americans find employment is the cornerstone of President Joe Biden's American Jobs plan. At least $100 billion has been set aside for workforce development, including registered apprenticeship programs like the one the U.S. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh showcased Tuesday in Baltimore County. Apprenticeship programs like this one have become a priority for people out of work or who may have chosen a profession instead of a formal education. Walsh spent time with close to a dozen residents now enrolled in the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 37 in Sparrows Point. As a former head of a building and construction trades council, Walsh said what he saw taking place in Baltimore County is an example of what can take place across the country. "This is so important because it lays down the foundation for the importance of training, of educating the young people and the people that come through these programs it really is important," Walsh said.... Local and national government leaders said they're committed to investing in the future now.... "It improves the middle class. It lifts our economy more broadly for working people, and organized working people are what can make a difference in this country," said U.S. Rep. John Sarbanes, D-Maryland. And in particular, places like the training facility in Baltimore County. The goal of those who are currently in the program is to land a job in three years or less.