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Congressman John Sarbanes

Representing the 3rd District of Maryland

Rep. John Sarbanes: ‘Democrats are Going to Follow Through’

Nov 9, 2018
In The News

The first priority for the new Democratic House majority will be passing a bold, sweeping pro-democracy package [led by the Democratic Reform Task Force, which Sarbanes chairs] that will tackle money in politics, voting rights and ethics. Democratic challengers across the country ran on these reforms.... Democratic leadership in the House is committed to cleaning up Washington. And on Tuesday, voters across America made an emphatic statement that they want to see bold changes to our political system. Now, Democrats are going to follow through.... Our current political system is dominated by Washington insiders, well-connected special interests and big money. It blocks progress on a whole host of issues that Americans care about. If we can clean up the system, then we can deliver on other priorities: reducing health insurance premiums, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, giving relief to DREAMers and rebuilding our infrastructure. But democracy reform must come first.