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Congressman John Sarbanes

Representing the 3rd District of Maryland

Vote 'Yes' on Howard County's Question A

Oct 31, 2016
In The News

Change is coming to Howard County. In this era where big money dominates politics at all levels, Howard County residents have a chance to move Maryland and our country in a different direction — toward a government truly of, by and for the people…. A "yes" vote on Question A will send a powerful message that citizen-owned elections are the new standard of good government in Howard County. This transformative ballot initiative gives small donors a way of competing against the big-money interests that too often exercise undue influence over public policy…. Proposed by council members Jon Weinstein and Jen Terassa — alongside a diverse coalition of organizations, including Maryland PIRG, Common Cause Maryland, the Maryland League of Conservation Voters, NAACP and the Howard County League of Women Voters — Question A will authorize the Howard County Council to establish a small-donor driven system of financing campaigns.